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Our Favorite Presentation Quotes (and gifs)

Being inspired is the fuel that Dog and Pony Show, Inc. runs on. From fellow artists, presenters, and professionals, we are continually challenged by those in our industry. We wouldn't want to keep all the inspiration to ourselves, so here we have our favorite tidbits of wisdom and captivation (as well as our favorite gifs for when you need a good laugh).

“In my opinion, there are two things that can absolutely not be carried to the screen: the realistic presentation of the sexual act and praying to God.” ― Orson Welles

“New research into cognitive functioning—how the brain works—proves that bullet points are the least effective way to deliver important information. Neuroscientists are finding that what passes as a typical presentation is usually the worst way to engage your audience.” ― Carmine Gallo, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

“An event without a good presentation is like a pizza without cheese.” ― Aayush Jain

"Our work is the presentation of our capabilities." ― Edward Gibbon

"I think everybody's got a presentation. Everybody looks a certain way because they want to convey a certain image. You look a certain way because you want people to listen to you in a certain way." ― Marilyn Manson

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