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Perfecting the Prezi

As the presentation world has expanded and developed, several new presentation tools and platforms have surfaced. A popular medium that has made appearances in companies is Prezi, an alternative presentation format to the traditional PowerPoint. As several businesses have utilized Prezi, we have gathered the top tips and tricks to help you master this tool.

1. Stick to a Color Scheme

Prezi has an abundance of user-friendly design tools, which can sometimes overwhelm both presenters and audience members. Before diving into each creative property of Prezi, solidify a color scheme and stick to it. From slide backgrounds to graphics, fonts to images, centering your presentation on a color scheme makes your Prezi readable and aesthetically pleasing for each audience member. To ensure that you’re using the best possible color scheme for your presentation, there are several websites, such as Print Mag, to help you out with your visuals.

2. Utilize Outside Resources

While Prezi is an awesome tool within itself, don’t limit yourself to the basic assets it offers. If you have experience with Adobe products or Microsoft Office tools, use these resources to enhance and enrich your Prezi. Whether it be infographics from Adobe InDesign or a spreadsheet from Microsoft Excel, use these tools to take your Prezi to the next level. They will add a layer of visual aide and innovation to your Prezi, and emphasize the relativity of the information you’re sharing, as well as the company you represent.

3. Play with Perspective

A unique quality of Prezi is its movement and transition, so be sure to utilize this tool in your presentation. Prezi allows presenters to take their audience members on a very visual journey, so being mindful of these transitions is key to being an effective presenter. The time spacing between slides can even be adjusted through Prezi, which allows presenters to visually guide their audience members through their topic. While these tools can be exciting and visually captivating, be mindful of the “less is more” tip. If the transitions and movements of your Prezi happen to frequently or quickly, they can distract and confuse your audience members.

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