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Redeeming Bouts of Presentation Bad Luck

Presentation day is here. You've prepared and practiced, fine-tuning your visual aides and speech. The board meeting or product pitch has arrived, and you are ready to thrive. However, no matter how much you prepare, life can through you a curve ball. Life much of life, the unfortunate reality of presentations is that there are uncontrollable forces within it at play. Here are three unavoidable instances of presentation bad luck, and how to redeem them.

1. Distractions It is one thing to ace your presentation while practicing in the peace of your apartment; it is another thing to present well in a busy, bustling space. When preparing for your presentation, be aware that there will be most likely be distractions within your audience and presentation space. Between flustering light changes to loud audience side-conversations, the odds that your presentation environmental will be a focused zen is slim. To keep your cool within the chaos, direct your focus on speaking effectively and presenting clearly. Also, if possible, try practicing your presentation with the TV on or music going to prepare yourself for speaking through distractions.

2. Bad Presentation Time Everyone who has attended an informational session before lunch or at the end of the day can attest to the importance of event timing. If you are scheduled to present at these typically low-energy and low-focus times, you might battle more intensely than usual for your audience's attention. When allotted the less-favorable time slots to present, be mindful of your audience's engagement levels. Meet their potentially low energy levels with engaging visuals, a variety of vocal tones, and enthusiasm.

3. Low Attendance There are few things as discouraging to a presenter as low attendance; looking out into a crowd of empty chairs can deflate the enthusiasm of any speaker. The key to redeeming this situation is redeeming your own attitude. By not allowing yourself to be discouraged, you are able to present your best despite your environment. There might be a few important audience members that you are unaware of, so presenting well is important regardless of your crowd.

Looking for more tips and tricks on how to present well? Check out our Dog and Pony Show blog post on how to channel presentation charisma!

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