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Why You Should Develop Presentation Storyboards

When it comes to presentations, it is no secret that preparation is key. However, many presenters can feel tempted to dive right into the presentation format without storyboarding their concepts at all. While storyboarding does take some time, this practice yields incredible benefits in presentation success and engagement. From harnessing audience interest to managing effective content, here are three major reasons why presentation storyboards should be your new best friend.

1. Regulates Content Excessive or scarce content can break even the most polished topics. Presentation storyboards ensure that there is equal representation for each subtopic, and illustrates the best possible flow of content. Also, different types of content is appropriate for different audiences. A presentation storyboard allows you to frame your information in the most effective way for your viewers.

2. Looks at the Bigger Picture With a presentation storyboard, presenters are able to see the arc of their presentation from introduction to conclusion. This overview allows you to see the bigger picture of your presentation, and evaluate the effectiveness of your messages more clearly. Seeing your presentation from beginning to end allows you more control over the supporting details of your story.

3. Highlights Your Key Points Creating a presentation storyboard allows you to see the amount of content you have per subtopic. This enables you to see if there is enough focus on your key points, or whether they are getting lost in a sea of slides. Storyboarding allows presenters to be intentional with their presentation, and create more coverage for key points.

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