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Getting into the 'Positive Presentation' Headspace

A presentation is only as strong as its presenter, and performance is all about attitude. While we cannot always control the environment we present in, we can shape our mindsets to be as productive as possible. Ethos3 states it perfectly, "You have complete control over your presentation destiny. Nail your talk and you can take full credit for it. Bomb it and you get to take credit for that too.Fortunately, you already have the most important component to deliver a killer presentation. Your mindset. But, do you have the right mindset?" To echo that, here are Dog and Pony Show's top 3 tips to get into the right presentation headspace.

1. Effort over Aces

Holding yourself to the standard of presentation perfection creates unrealistic expectations for yourself; a more productive practice is to prepare yourself for success with your audience. Instead of trying to ace each part of your presentation, applaud yourself for the effort and practice you put into your work.

2. Forget failure

In every stage of your presentation preparation, viewing mistakes as failure is detrimental. When things don't go to plan, try to view them as learning opportunities to grow from; this will create a more confident and positive presentation headspace.

3. Channel self-awareness

Being mindful of your anxieties, confidences, successes, and failures is key to crafting a successful presentation. When crafting your speech, tailor to your natural strengths and pay attention to your weaker areas; this will leave you feeling both positive and prepared.

Looking for more information about presentation skills? Check out the Dog and Pony Show blog post on developing presentation storyboards!

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