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Belated New Year's Message from our Top Dog

Happy New Year, from Dog and Pony. While most of our posts are helpful, funny, or silly, we wanted to end this year with something a little more meaningful. The world is changing, and we’re being faced with huge issues that could have everlasting effects. These challenges range from kids addicted to digital and social media, childish leaders with itchy trigger fingers on tweets and nuclear bombs, irrefutable global warming, a shrinking middle class, and a global ability to be less and less shocked by truly shocking things. It seems that when one terrible thing happens, we forget about it as the next one takes its place in the spotlight.

But we can’t become numb. Regardless of your politics, race, religion, income, or natural level of empathy, we all need to care a little more, truly see and connect with the people around us, and work together to patch these giant holes that are too big to ignore.

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