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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Create an Engaging Presentation Title

Whether your presentation title will be listed in an event program or broadcasted through Twitter, the power this little line has is extensive. A title is what hooks audience members, introduces them to your topic, and persuades them to attend and engage with you. With this great power comes great responsibility, so to help you manage the influence of presentation titles, here are Dog and Pony Show's top 3 tips to create an engaging presentation title.

1. Promote an Incentive

Simply stating your topic is not enough to hook an audience; instead, create a title that highlights how your topic will benefit or enhance the lives of those who listen. For example, instead of promoting "The Future of Artificial Intelligence", try "How the Future of Artificial Intelligence Benefits Us".

2. Tell a Story

While data, emotional appeals, and influencer advocacy are effective marketing appeals, storytelling captivates an audience both intellectually and emotionally. Captive audience members with a story line by framing your topic as a story, such as "How Apple Inspired Americans" or "Costco's Journey to Success".

3. Number Your Topic

Adding a number to your title adds a concise and organized edge to your overall topic. Being upfront with audience members on the information they will receive encourages engagement as well as information retention. For example, change "Disneyland's Upcoming Renovations" to "3 of Disneyland's most Exciting Changes".

Looking for more presentation tips and tricks? Check out Dog and Pony Show's blog post on how to redeem bad presentation situations!

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