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3 Ways to Use Minimalism in Presentations

In a world of abundant advertisements, information, and notifications, minimalism is a highly effective design strategy. Not only will your information be clearer and more effective, it will be presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Here are Dog and Pony Show's top 3 favorite ways to incorporate minimalism into your presentation!

1. Blank Space is Your Friend

Less really is more. Overcrowding your slides can overwhelm audience members, and take away the impact of important information. Utilize the empty space on your slides to cultivate a clean and minimalistic look, while drawing attention to your key points.

2. Be Mindful of Content Arrangement

Minimalism encourages conscientious placement of information and images. When arranging your information, give less important information (such as subtitles or citations) less space. This will declutter your slides and deliver your message more effectively.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing Color Scheme

Different colors trigger different responses from audience members; to radiate positivity, utilize yellow, or to encourage calmness, use blue. Be mindful of these colors and coordinate them with complementary color scheme to coordinate all your slides. This will create a seamless and minimalistic feel throughout your presentation.

Looking for more presentation tips and tricks? Check out the Dog and Pony Show blog post on how to maintain an office presence while working remotely!

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