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3 Ways to Connect with Any Audience

Despite having the most beautiful slides and relevant information, some presenters succumb to the fatal flaw of not connect with their audiences. Audience-presenter connection is a vital aspect of any successful talk, as it it encourages information retention and a call to action. Whether your audience is a group of Venture Capitalists or bored teenagers, here are 3 sure-fire ways to connect with any audience.

1. State the Facts

The purpose of most presentations is to influence a specific audience into action. To increase your credibility and build the audience's confidence within your message, be upfront with relevant and compelling data. From a business pitch to personal testimony, all audiences will benefit from this information.

2. Tap into Emotions

Empathy is a powerful tool in winning over any body of people. Connecting with your audience on an emotional level will increase your presentation success as it makes your topic relevant. Spicing up your speech with any type of story should do the trick.

3. Paint a Picture

To make your presentation compelling to each audience member, communicate the impact of your topic. Showing your audience the trajectory and future of your subject will captivate their attention, as it positively benefits their future.

Looking for more tips and tricks from our presentation experts? Check out the Dog and Pony Show blog post on the 5 laws of effective presentations!

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