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How to Amp Up Your Presentation Storytelling

Information retention is a goal every presenter has for their audiences. From advertisements to TED Talks, speakers are developing their ability to present their information in a compelling way. A powerful methodology within successful presentations is strong storytelling. With engaging narratives and compelling values, stories provide a relatability and relevance that few other methods do. Here are three of Dog and Pony shows favorite tips and tricks to strengthen your presentation storytelling.

1. Get Personal

Empathy is one of the most powerful emotions you can invoke from an audience. While not every viewer will be able to relate to the details of your story, they will be able to sympathize with what you were feeling. From happiness to anger, sadness to excitement, human emotions are universal and impactful. Use your narrative to tap into the minds and hearts of your audience members.

2. Get Visual

From infographics to illustrations, visual elements strengthen your narrative. Images can emphasize a key point, or make a complex idea easier to understand. Fun graphics and stock photos can be a great option if you don't have access to original work, as any images will spice up your story.

3. Get Action

There should be a moral to your story. Without a strong call to action, your story will never grow from a nice narrative to an impactful presentation. To ensure that your audience is absorbing your message, end your story with a summary of your main point and call to action.

Looking for more presentation tips and tricks? Check out the Dog and Pony Show blog post on combating presentation anxiety!

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