How to Present Data Effectively

September 3, 2018

When it comes to captivating and convicting an audience, the presentation of cold and hard data can be incredibly effective. Data taps into your viewer's logos and pathos, therefore compelling them to engage with your topic and point of view. However, when faced with an influx of numbers and charts, audience members can struggle to interpret the impact of this information. To effectively utilize the power of data, here are Dog and Pony Show's top 2 fool-proof tricks to present data effectively.


1. Refine Your Data

 Identify a few of the most important and alluring points of data to present. Listing every aspect of your data will not only be overwhelming to our audience members, but will dilute the punch of your main points. Presenting the most impactful aspects of your data will make your information easy to understand, and therefore more impactful.


2. Choose Your Charts Wisely

 As data is often presented visually, choosing the most effective medium is key. From pie charts to bar graphs, each visual format holds unique properties. For example, data best displayed linearly would be best presented on a bar graph.


Looking for more presentation tips and tricks? Check out our Dog & Pony Show article on 3 easy way to enhance your presentation slides!

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