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How to Give a Motivational Presentation

Whether you're pitching a presentation to Venture Capitalists or presenting an HR policy update, almost every presentation is crafted to motivate audience members. Encouraging your audience members to take on your perspective or fund your idea takes more than some awesome slides: it requires a compelling speaker. Here are 3 of Dog and Pony Show's favorite ways to motivate an audience:

1. Give Your "Why"

Sharing who you are and why you are presenting on your topic appeals to an audience's pathos, logos, and ethos, as they are given insight into the importance of your topic. Whether you are speaking from a personal encounter or alarming statistics, communicating why your topic is important is key to capture and motivate an audience.

2. Create Moments of Humanness

Motivation is born from connection. To make yourself relatable to your audience, share your personal experiences with the subject matter; this practice will allow you to more effectively motivate and inspire your audience, as they will have an established connection with you, the presenter.

3. Deliver a "So What?"

The most impactful presentations leave audience members with a clear goal. This can be achieved through a strong call-to-action; to ensure maximum effectiveness, make your designated point concise and clear.

Looking for more information on relevant presentation skills? Check out the Dog and Pony Show blog post detailing the top 2 qualities of powerful presenters!

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