"I Love My Job": Revamping Company Culture

October 15, 2018

Positive company culture is becoming a buzzword in businesses across the nation, and for good reason. Thriving companies, such as Google and Apple, keep employees happy by offering dog-friendly offices, catered lunch, nap pods, and more. However, it does not take a billion-dollar budget to keep employees happy (and thus more loyal, efficient, and productive). Here are three simple and cost-effective ways to cultivate a postitive company culture in your office. 


1. Build Traditions

From weekly meals to an annual staff-bonding event, tradition builds a sense of community within a company. These practices give employees an day to look forward to, as well as a chance to socialize and connect with team members.


2. Designate a Creative Space


Giving team members a space away from data and emails will not only increase their productivity, it will also provide a more positive work environment. A creative nook for employees establishes a space for employees to express themselves and more efficiently connect with their role in the company.


3. Cultivate Inclusivity


A major contributing factor in an employee's idea of positive company culture is their perceived influence and voice. Whether an office is brainstorming a potential sales approach or determining where to get lunch catered from, ensuring that every voice (from CEO's to interns) is heard creates positive company culture. 


Looking for more information on relevant presentation skills? Check out the Dog and Pony Show blog post detailing how to use the power of breath when speaking!

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