3 Tools to Jumpstart Your Slide Design

February 11, 2019

Whoever first uttered the words “time is money” was no stranger to the presentation world. The business world is in high demand for tasteful and innovative slides, and the time it takes to craft the perfect slide design or find the most compelling font isn’t always there. Thankfully, the Dog and Pony Show has a few tricks up our sleeves, as we’ve identified our favorite time-saving assets in the world of presentation design. Here our 3 of our team’s tried and true favorites:


The Noun Project - This site is home to a plethora of free and beautifully-crafted icons and graphics. In a pinch, they can brighten up a slide, add personality to a tagline, and spice up any blank space.


 Fonts In Use - With great fonts comes great responsibility, and Fonts In Use helps presenters across the globe steward that power well. With thousands of examples of, you guessed it, fonts in use, the presentation inspiration on this site is noteworthy.


 ​Dog and Pony Show's "3 Ways to Liven Up Your PowerPoint Presentation" -  Yes, we are given ourselves a shameless plug here. Once the presentation technicalities are completed, we like to add some flair to engage our audience more deeply.


Looking for more information on relevant presentation skills? Check out the Dog and Pony Show blog post on the 5 laws of successful presentations!







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