The Presentation Power of Color

March 11, 2019

When it comes to presentation development and slide design, the importance of color cannot be emphasized enough. While most viewers have an elementary understanding of colors and their properties, it is key for presenters and slide designers to look at this visual aspect in detail. Below are two exclusive properties of color, and why they are critical to us as presenters:


Color Triggers Emotion and Meaning-Making

Basic visual science and analysis has revealed that colors have certain emotional properties, such as blue's calmness and red's urgency. Utilize this data to your advantage and select a color scheme that capture's the message of your brand.


 Color Establishes a Role

From creating a trademark to highlighting a signature phrase, color allows brands to establish themselves within the public sphere. From McDonald's classic gold and red to Facebook's iconic blue and white, the utilization in color within a company's presentation creates an image for brand. This enhances your presentation, as it cultivates brand recognition and identity.


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