About Face: 3 Expressions to Maximize Presentation Impact

March 25, 2019

From business pitches to family dinners, interviews to webinars, facial expressions hold critical power in communication reception. Eye contact, a smile, and more convey messages of importance, engagement, and understanding to your audience. A presenter's facial expressions can engage audience members with excitement or monotonously bore them. Here are 3 of Dog and Pony Show's tips and tricks to utilize the power of facial expressions for your presentation's success.


1. Match Your Face to Your Words

 We have all witnessed the comical moment where someone states that they are "so excited about today's topic!" when their facial expression clearly states otherwise. Similarly, when presenting information that you want your audience to find exciting or positive, relay that with a happy facial expression. When conveying something serious or somber, reflect that with your face as well. This practice will enhance the impact of your words, presentation, and overall point.


2. Read Your Audience

 When presenting, take the time to observe your audience's facial expressions. Are they nodding and smiling? Are their eyes glazed over and distracted? Are they taking notes? Texting? Reading their facial expressions and body language will allow you to better present to them, such as offering an alternate explanation, or more time between slides to take notes.


3. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

 Want to perfect what your audience is seeing? Try giving your presentation in front of a mirror or camera, and observe your facial expressions. Where could you add more enthusiasm? More eye engagement? Less smiles? This self-awareness will allow you to present your best face forward, literally and figuratively. 


Looking for more information on relevant presentation skills? Check out the Dog and Pony Show blog post on how to begin designing presentation slides!

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